Dimensions of artwork-
Height- 7.5 Inches
Width- 4 Inches
Depth- 0.5 Inches

Mount Type- Wall

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This art piece is inspired by each one of our’s spiritual journey. When the daily process of reflection on one’s thoughts and actions goes in the right direction then one can reach a higher state of mind wherein effort is not required for daily reflection and you know deep within that every thought and action of yours simply pure and in right direction.
Few years ago, I too enjoyed that higher state of mind. It was the most beautiful things of my life. The main thing that took me there was contemplating into nothingness. It happened effortlessly and it worked wonders for me. But gradually life happened and my mental powers got fogged. I really miss that state of mind and wish to reach that level again. While making this design, it was gradually taking me to that memory lane where every thought was void and every action was pure!

Hence the name of this art- Contemplate.

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