I am Vaishali Rastogi Sahni from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India. I have been sculpting paper since almost a decade. Through my artistry at 3D paper quilling I try to achieve the forms I create of mythological figures, flora and fauna, miniatures and abstract wall pieces. 

I am completely self taught in every aspect of art that I create today. I thoroughly enjoy creating designs that resonate with the spirit of being an Indian. I love using vibrant colours, paper beads, paper stones and amulets in most of my works. I believe these designs are a big part of the Indian art culture. In addition, I am very keen on understanding Indian mythology and believe that each and every mythological element has some spiritual message for us to imbibe in our modern lives. I also enjoy nature and feel so grateful for the gifts that nature has bestowed upon us. So most of my creations today are based on Indian culture and nature. It takes me anywhere between 3 weeks to 5 months to create an art piece depending on its size, number of elements, the depth of details & intricacy that the project demands.

I have exhibited in various online and offline exhibitions and received great recognition and admiration from a lot of acclaimed artists in India and abroad. My artworks have their home overseas too, in the private collection of an art collector and art lovers.
I share my expertise via workshops. I have also authored a book ‘3D Quilling’ edited by Toucan (U.K), published by Stackpole (U.S). The tutorial book is available on Amazon and Flipkart worldwide.